Saturday, 11 February 2017

Interesting moral stories for Jr Kg Students

Nearly every Kids love to hear Stories. Telling interesting Stories is a key quality of good parents. During the age of Jr KG or Sr KG, Students ask their parents to tell them a Story. Stories effects kids thinking, behavior & life-style. Using short stories we can easily teach our children. Stories effects great in Kids Memory development. Looking into this in this session we are presenting some interesting Junior KG Stories.

1. The Greedy Dog

A dog was once standing on a bridge over a river. He had a bone in his mouth. He looked into the water below. He saw his own image in the water.

He thought that there was another dog with a bone in his mouth. He want to have the other bone too. He opened his mouth to say “bow-wow, bow-wow”. When he opened his mouth the bone fell for his mouth into the water. “Alas! I have lost my bone because i was greedy,” he said to himself and went away sadly.

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