Saturday, 11 February 2017

Advanced CSS3 Interview Questions with Answers

In Web Development CSS plays a great role to apply Styles. Using CSS we can Centralize Styles for a Web app. Today there are plenty of vacancies available for #UI developers. Among the skill sets of a UI professional, #CSS is one of the major Skill. In this week-end are you planning to attained an interview for UI #developer? If so look at our advanced CSS3 interview questions in below. I am sure these questions and answers will help you to hack the #interviewer.

What is CSS?

The full name of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). It used to apply Styles in HTML documents. CSS centrally stores the style. It’s better to keep a CSS file rather then writing CSS classes in the html head with Style tag. In professional web development practice to avoid in-line CSS. The extension of CSS3 file is .css.

What are the ways to Apply CSS styles in a HTML documents?

There are 4 different ways to Apply CSS3 in a HTML document. These are In-line CSS, Embedded CSS, Linked CSS & Imported CSS.

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