Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sex is an Education - Learn Sex before into Bed

Sex looks beautiful with mutual understanding. It happens well when both the parties are agree. The origin of universe was began with Sex. So blindly I can say, Sex is an Education. From the old age you can have a look to the famous sex novel KAMASUTRA. It speaks your guide to sex. But after KAMASUTRA there are many Core things to learn in Sex. When Sex generates generation it's better to know more about Sexual relationship. Learn Sex well before into Bed. Sex not only generates a life but also it can Destroy many life's too.

Do & Don't in Sex

1) Don't do Sex with unknown Fellows. Before Sex with some one first let you know she/he is free from STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases). Healthy Sex is a Happy Sex.

2) Do Sex with well understanding, I mean make agree to your partner before into bed.

3) Keep Discussion & Lovely laughs while enjoying Sex.

4) Oral Sex is not bad but before into Oral Sex, Make sure you partner is not having any Sexual infection. Else there is chance that you will have Oral infections.

5) In case of Male Partner, wash your penis well after intercourse. It helps to maintain Sexual Stamina in long run.

6) If you are feeling incapable in Sex, I suggest please don't take more medicines like Viagra or Men Forces capsules. If you started using Capsules slowly your body will get resist against these Capsules & finally after a year your medicine will not work on you. Better to go for herbal treatments. In Ayurveda there are some powders to bring back your Sexual Stamina. These powders are made from natural plants. It will take some time to make you OK but it has no side effects. Use herbal oils. It helps a lot.

7) When a female partner is in 7 days menstrual cycle, Don't do open Sex. Use Condoms.

8) If you do Anal Sex, use Condoms as high priority.

9) Many peoples do Sex before the female partner is excited or get wet well. Make it a habit to wet your female partner before into Intercourse. The top most part of vagina is known as VANGURIKA. This is the most sensual part of a woman. Using this point you can easily excite a woman.

10) In Sex, Satisfaction matters. So be consensus about this. It's an odd taste if sexual satisfaction is one-way. Sexual satisfaction affects life Style. If a male is incapable to satisfy his partner slowly he will get inferior complex. In case of a female it can go up-to Diverse too. There are some practices which helps both the partners to have a satisfactory sex. It comes with experiences else its better to learn techniques.

11) All prefers to keep their Sexual Stamina in long run. In this point I can suggest you to take better Diets, Keep doing Yoga's & Do Control over daily Sex. For Couples after 2 years better to do Sex 3 times in a week. It help for a long run Sexual Stamina as well it improves the quality of Intercourse.

Let us discuss open about sexual relationship. To Conceive a baby male partner inject sperms inside a female ovary. Here ova acts like white lotions of an egg. In the world of VEDA's Sperms are called BRAHM. BRAHM means the seed of Origin. Like the earth female ovary is capable to produce plants from this seed. I mean the plant is your new born. From the past of Indian history you can know how to improve your sperm quality. Healthy sperm brings better Generation.

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