Monday, 29 February 2016

Link building Strategies for Google Adsense based Blogs

To gain higher ranking in Google your link required more backlinks. The trick we use to Create backlinks is Called Link Building. But according to latest Google Algorithm says "Google hates Link Building". Yes it is true. Google wants natural link building. I means during a Customers visit your pages if he/she Shared that to some where. Manually if you are Creating backlinks more than 3% to 4% of your total traffic there is a possibility that Google will DE-index your website.

If you are looking to do link building for your blog. Follow link building strategy. Few of the points you need to care about are as below.

1. Don't ever create bulk backlinks a day. This activity DE-index in Google.

2. While Sharing a link use long tail keywords.

3. During you share a link in Social medias wall add description with your link.

4. If possible use image with link. This habit brings more Customers.

5. During link building target email signature (HTML), forums, social medias, question and answers portals or directories.

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  1. Very informative. I was so thinking about link building strategies before. But, now i got all the things! Thank you for sharing.