Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Many Problems, One Solution. Publish with Us.

Do you like to write? What kind of stuff that you write? Are they story, articles or reviews well if you are then of course you are going to need some kinds of publisher to have your writing published and reached the society. Are you in this state? Who are searching for the right publisher to publish your writing?

If the answers of those questions are a “Yes” then you might consider joining our website. That is because there are lots of benefits that you can get, plus you can make the difference, publish your stories with us.

In this modern era, many people like to find the information by using internet or optimize the use of technology to help them find the info they required. So, of course your writing; whether it is the kind of articles, essays, opinion, reviews or the kind of stories can be very helpful for those who are searching for the right information. At the same times, you might as well get your story known by the whole world that will lead you to some certain level of appreciation from different people from all over the world.

You can be an engineer, you can be an educator, you can be architecture, and you can be a consultant or something like that. So, if you want to share your ideas to the world then you might like to join us and have all your opinion published. Sooner or later, those who are in searching for some certain information based on the field they are into, they will be thankful for you.

Not only that, those who likes to read your writing might as well going to visit your blog or your website. This is of course really great in order to have your business website have the high traffic. You can include the back link that will lead the reader to your business website. Actually, this is one of the business strategies in order to have lots of viewer on your website. So, if you care about the kind of traffic on your business website then you would definitely do this kind of stuff which is join our website and start to write anything related to the kind of field that you are into or more like to share your opinion about what happened around us.

Here are some benefits that you will get by publishing your writing with JHARAPHULA they are about having lots of traffic that will leads the reader to your website. also the kind of content that you publish will be advertised on the social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and the most importantly, by publishing with us, you might find your topic to be in Google and it will happen to be the top of submission in the search engine.

The kind of topic that can be published are varied it is from the Astrology, Blogs, Business, beauty tips, Career, Celebrity, Education, Men, Kids, SEO tips, Sports, Stories, Shopping, Romance, Relationship, Mediation, Fashion, Gardening, Health Tips, Real Estate, Programming, Recipes, Politics, History, Technology, Women, Travel, Yoga, PC Tips, and still many more. Those are fun to write, right? Plus you can make the difference, publish your stories with us.

However, in order to make sure the content you wrote is great and has no problem with any kind of other website or blogs, the writing should be original. It will have a problem with some certain blog or website that has the same writing as yours. So, in order to do this, you need to be sure to do the check it using the CopyScape then submit it to us. Also, the minimum words that you can write are 300 words. One more things, we do not allow the kind of adult or illegal contents.

If the kind of writing that you wrote happens to be original and pass the criterion then of course you are going to be notified about the kind of link that you are submitted by the email within 7 days.
There are many ways in order to help you get the high traffic on your website whether it is your personal website or your business website and one of them is to publish your working, your writing with us. That is because as it is said before here you will have the back link that will lead the reader to view your website.

If you claimed yourself as a writer then of course you are going to join JHARAPHULA and write as many articles, as you might want to share to the whole world about any things. This is of course one of the ways that you can do in order to do some changes to the society, to do some changing on yourself and something like that. Plus you can make the different, publish your stories with us.
If you like that sounds and you want to write then why wait? You can join us and you can write any kind of topic that you might be interested or the one that you like to share with others. You can start as soon as possible. The sooner you join the sooner you get the higher traffic that will flow into your website, also, the other kind of benefits that you might like to enjoy, of course. It is included publishing your own story.

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