Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Attractive Popular Tourist places of Balasore Odisha

Once a part ancient Kalinga, a territory of Koshale/Utkal, Balasore was ruled by Moghuls, Marathas & the British down the ages. It is believed that Balasore has got its name from the Persian word "Bala-E-Shore". Which means the City on the Sea.

Being named after king Baneswar, balasore is a historic place for freedom struggle, prajamandal andolan of Nilagiri, Oriya literary movement led by Fakirmohan Senapati & Radhnath Ray. Balasore, a major coastal district of odisha is full of scenic beauty, temples, fort, hills, tourist places & natural landscape. Being well connected by railway & road. Balasore, the sand city of Odisha is a fantastic place to enjoy & spend the holidays. Read more about Balasore.

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